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Ella, Oscar and Me

1. This Can't Be Love Joni Keen
2. They Can't Take That Away Joni Keen
3. Georgia Joni Keen
4. With a Song in My Heart Joni Keen
5. Time and Again Euan Stevenson Trio
6. Lady Is a Tramp Joni Keen
7. My Funny Valentine Joni Keen
8. I Ain't Got Nothin' But the Blues
9. Daisy Chain Euan Stevenson Trio
10. Everytime We Say Goodbye

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Fragile Jazz CD Joni KeenDownload from iTunes


1. Never Make Your Move Too Soon
2. I Don't Know Why download
3. Gypsy In My Soul
4. Summertime download
5. The man I Love
6. Fragile
7. I Should Care
8. Some Of My Best Friends
9. I Remember You
10. Jersey Girl download
11. Shiver Me Timbers

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I Don't Know Why
Summertime Play
Jersey Girl Play